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Concert Music

selected works

A setting of six Shakespeare texts for mezzo and string trio... [more]

Selva Oscura - Vilnai
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performance by New York Trombone Consort

Shakespeare Songs

Commissioned by the New York Trombone Consort, Selva Oscura is concerned with the unique sonic world of the trombone choir. Unfolding slowly, the different instruments blend and melt in and out of a spare, solitary texture. As it progresses, rhythmic activity increases, the texture thickens and a plethora of sounds emerges from the initial idea. Sounds move through the space, enveloping the listener and creating an immersive experience of timbre, rhythm and place. Creation of this piece was supported by the Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts.

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Selva Oscura

A three-movement piece for flute and piano, Amiable Beast seeks to question the traditional soloist and accompanist roles. The first movement uses melodic and rhythmic ideas from Balkan music, but creates Western sounding harmonies out of the material. The second movement moves to a nocturnal, chromatic mood that avoids any harmonic implication and completely bifurcates the piano parts, having the instrument play as a duo partner to the flute and an unrelated role at the same time. The last movement returns to the Balkan modes in a bright tempo.

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Amiable Beast

Amiable Beast - Vilnai
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performance by OMNI Ensemble

There is a Bluebird in My Heart

Settings of Bukowski for voice and piano, both acoustic and electronic versions... [more]


Bohu traces the emergence of material out of a cloud of formlessness. The piece uses contemporary playing techniques to create an amorphous, shifting, texture that morphs into a clearly defined, rhythmically active dance. The piece was written for trombonist Jen Baker and uses much of her innovations in trombone playing and improvisation.

Commissioned by Jen Baker.

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Bohu - Vilnai
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performance by Jen Baker

I Sleep

Contemporary, challenging setting of a passage from The Song of Songs, for singer and cello.

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I Sleep - Vilnai
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performance by Gelsey Bell (vox) and Isabel Castellvi (vc)

Until You Find Me

A slow, unfolding and nocturnal piano trio.

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Until You Find Me - Vilnai
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performance by Carl Patrick Bolleia (pno), Pedro Vizzarro-Vallejos (vln) and Eric Cooper (vc)

Sleek Aphrodite

Using texts by Sappho, Sleek Aphrodite brings the ancient poet’s clear, defined language into a modern setting with only a single viola as accompaniment. Employing a plethora of contemporary singing and playing techniques, these 12 short settings pay tribute to the timelessness of language.

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Time is on My Side

I've been dealing with the vampire myth through music for many years, particularly through my ensemble - Vampire Suit. In part this involves referencing the rhythms, modes and forms native to Transylvania, music that embodies the combination of dark, wild and attractive that are inherent to the vampire figure. In part it involves mining for harmonies that evoke the mystery and longing of the vampire. 'Time is on My Side' represents the most comprehensive study I've done yet. Each of its sections deals with a different aspect of the myth, moving from dark and misty to exuberant and savage. The piece is set as a double concerto for improvising guitar and percussion, written for myself on guitar and percussionist Rich Stein.

Commissioned by the Metro Chamber Orchestra.

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A solo piece for alto trombone, the piece explores both contemporary developments in performance on this fun intrument as well as my fascination with the concise development of good pop songs.

Commissioned by Will Lang.

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EP 4: Fiddle Tune - Vilnai
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performance of the 4th movement by Will Lang 

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