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Shakespeare Songs

for mezzo-soprano and string trio

“Indie classical doesn’t get any better than this.” - Lucid Culture review of Shakespeare Songs CD. Full review.

A set of 6 settings of texts from Shakespeare plays, these songs draw on a wide variety of song styles and singing techniques to comment on the texts. From atonal counterpoint and abstract nocturnal sounds to very disjointed songs inspired by cabaret and folk song, the settings create a wide palette of vocal and instrumental colors that are inspired by Shakespeare’s infinite facility with language.


Shakespeare Songs was released on CD September 2011, performed by Gelsey Bell and members of the MIVOS Quartet. The album is available on cdbabyiTunes, and more.

German public radio did a short piece and interview about the songs. You can listen to it (in German...) here.

selections from Shakespeare Songs -
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Selections from Shakespeare Songs performed by Gelsey Bell (voice), Joshua Modney (vln), Victor Lowrie (vla) and Isabel Castellvi (vc)

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