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I sincerely believe that teaching is an integral part of the artist’s job. Whether it’s training aspiring artists or working on enrichment and appreciation for amateurs, the artist must make time to share his experience, his insight and his knowledge. Arts education makes for inquisitive, critical students, gives them tools that help their progress in whatever field they choose to pursue, and deepens their intellectual and emotional connection to the world and to their fellow humans; it helps the arts grow by creating educated consumers who spend their lives pursuing quality art; and, not least of all, it helps the teaching artist grow as they have to explain their aesthetic approach, answer inquiries, and glean insights from diverse reaction to the art in question.

As a music teacher I strive for a comprehensive and inquisitive studying environment, focused on the needs and interests of the student, while exploring a wide range of musical material. I offer instruction privately of for groups, on an ongoing or per need basis, in various fields.

I have also been selected to participate in Carnegie Hall's Music Educators Workshop for the school year 2016-2017, an experience which I'm sure will further develop and deepen my skill set as a teacher.


I have experience teaching a variety of ages, levels and styles. With younger beginning students I find a way to make them excited about music by using familiar musical material while giving them the basic skills of guitar playing, as well as understanding musical time and form. With more experienced players I find the 'holes' in their education and give them a solid basis from which to pursue whatever style they choose. I work with their needs and interests to make them the musicians they want to be, but also provide solid grounding in guitar technique, as well as music theory, ear-training, sight-reading and other musicianship skills. I always stress critical and attentive listening to both familiar and new musical material.

Composition and Theory

With beginners I explore basic elements of music, from both an auditory and written perspective. Using existing pieces, I create exercises that allow them to delve into creating music that stresses different aspects of the art form. With more advanced students I usually work from music they are working on, making comments that look at specific issues, but also underscore general facets of their writing. I strive to understand what the student is trying to achieve, and to help them get there, rather than imposing an external aesthetic agenda.

Young Students

I have experience working with small to medium groups of children on music appreciation and as a percussion ensemble. In appreciation, we try to see how music makes us feel, and why - exploring the tangible aspects of sound and space and the emotional and intellectual ideas they carry. In ensemble, the students learn to work as a group where each one has an individual part that contributes to the whole. Through hands-on experience, they learn ideas of musical time and counting, as well as the importance of group dynamic and the value working together. I have brought this approach into varied environments, such as Leadership Prep Brownsville and many NYC public schools.

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