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With plenty of experience as both a composer and a performer, I find a particular passion in engraving and music preparation, trying to meet the expectations and needs of both parties. I am an expert Sibelius user and have used it to prepare scores and parts for anything from Jazz lead sheets, musicals, big band, film music, chamber and avant-garde music. My familiarity with the conventions of different styles and commitment to results that are handsome and visually pleasing without sacrificing

legibility have led me to collaborate with a wide variety of clients from jazz singer Joanna Wallfisch to Grammy winner Frank London to Heidelberg Jury Prize winning composer Amir Shpilman to jazz saxophonist Andrew D’Angelo.
My work for my own Shakespeare Songs was featured on the Sibelius blog, and I have contributed posts to Robert Puff’s blog ‘Of Note’. You can peruse some of my scores from the links on my list of compositions.
If you need any kind of engraving work done, from completely setting a hand written score to proof reading or transposing of songs or parts for different instrument, please contact me.

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