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My piano trio, ‘Until You Find Me‘ , is heading down to Florida to be a part of the New Music Conflagration’s current season. More details soon.    

Because this is America and you like options, you can now find a bunch of my music at Bandcamp, where you can stream it and download it in a wide variety of high-quality format. You can find Vampire Suit’s albums here, as well as some live tracks you can download for free. The Shakespeare Songs are available here, and I will soon be adding some other chamber music pieces for free download to the same page.

Lucid Culture, NYC’s go-to blog about all things art, has published a review of ‘Shakespeare Songs’ entitled ‘Dark Otherworldly Intensity’. They call the music ‘the missing link between Rasputina and Bernard Herrmann’, say it possesses a ‘ghostly ambience and ethereal overtones’ and conclude ‘indie classical doesn’t get any better than this’. Read the full review here.